About Us


The Coalition opened for “business” in October, 2006 after a year of lively discussions with neighborhood and community leaders to learn about what’s important to them, and what kinds of issues they thought it would valuable for the Coalition to address. 

Steering Committee

The Coalition is governed by a Steering Committee elected by Coalition members.  The Steering Committee is responsible for administering the Coalition and for selecting what items will be presented to Coalition members for consideration. 

Our Purpose
The Coalition does not make endorsements or take positions on any issue.  Its primary purpose is to provide a forum for individuals and community organizations to discuss important topics with neighborhood association leaders, and to ask individual associations for support and help.  The Coalition also helps associations to connect with and learn from each other how to organize and advocate more effectively. 

Our Principles  
  • Have a positive impact on the local community
  • Create positive long and short term changes
  • Build relationships, trust, and methods of communication with  members of the community.
  • Advance important shared issues
  • Carefully and accurately identify endorsements. 
  • Use inclusive methods, including negotiating agendas, providing advance notice of issues, and inviting all interested parties to discussions. 

The Coalition is improving the quality of life in our community in many ways by...

  • Supporting  public agencies and elected officials to make well informed decisions that are in the best interests of neighborhoods and the community.
  • Setting a manageable set of priorities for decision makers.
  • Engaging neighborhood representatives in a meaningful way to identify and help to address the most critical neighborhood issues.

Our Mission

The mission of the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations is to promote and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods by providing a forum to collaborate to achieve common goals.

To learn more about the Coalition and how you can get involved, you can contact the Coalition’s Steering Committee.