Information Sharing

The coalition invites you to share information that may be of interest to neighborhood leaders and associations.


The Coalition listserv is:                          


The Coalition listserv is not:

Community calendar


Notice of events

Chat room

Place for information sharing

Political forum

Bulletin board

Source for solicitations


Please send your message to the moderated listserv at

For your information to be posted it must meet the following guidelines:

  • One topic per message
  • A clear subject line
  • Keep it simple-use plain language (it may be helpful to ask someone who is not familiar with the topic to review the e-mail)
  •  Maximum of two short paragraphs
  • Include the relevant information (who-what-why-when-where) in the body of the e-mail
  • Use respectful language
  • No partisan political content
  • No funding solicitations
  • Limited graphics
  • No attachments (you may include a link to another site)


Thank you for your investment in neighborhoods!